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Repowering for wind energy: from the pioneers of a new energy era

Without wind energy turbines, the transition to a new energy era would not be as advanced as it is today. It used to be that the wind energy generation plants from just the last two decades were seen as the ultimate in efficiency and technological finesse. Now, they are slowly showing their age, and operation becomes more and more demanding. When the further operation of older wind turbines no longer makes economic sense, then the solution is often repowering. This is done by replacing them with modern, high-performance models.

Repowering wind farms: high performance – more advantages

  • Repowering wind turbines increases the performance of your wind farm while reducing the need for more turbines.
  • A good example from Lower Saxony: In Hohegaste (East Frisia), 13 older wind turbines were replaced with four new ones. The result: an increase in output from 6.5 to a total of 12.2 megawatts.
  • The new, more technically sophisticated generation of wind turbines requires less maintenance, thus significantly reducing operating costs.
  • The repowering of wind farms is driving the transition to new energy. The more power generated from wind farms, the more climate-neutral electricity will be available in Germany.
  • Wind farm design also benefits from the repowering of wind energy. In the beginning of wind turbine technology, wind turbines were often placed individually across the landscape. New findings have enabled holistic site planning and areas, which take, for example, the visual axes around the local area into consideration. This also heightens the community’s acceptance of wind energy. What’s more, they’re also much quieter: a lower rotation speed, new rotor technology, and an optimized rotor blade surfaces bring both acoustic and optical benefits.

Your partner in repowering

Are you planning to repower your wind farm? If so, then turn to EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE as your reliable partner. We evaluate the economic viability of replacing existing systems with more modern, efficient models. We also assist with the complete implementation, from planning to deployment and operation. We additionally secure all project rights and take care of all further aspects, e. g. the dismantling and new construction of more efficient plants. This also includes finding the right wind suitability areas.

Our solutions ensure that you continue to get the most out of your wind farm in the future. We’re happy to assist you with tailor-made repowering plans and ideas for an efficient continuation or a combined concept.


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