Wind power | Operator direct marketing

Electricity trading in EWE quality

Older wind turbines require more than just a forward-looking strategy for operation and maintenance: they also need the right marketing concept. As a rule of thumb, under the Renewable Energy Act, funding expires after 20 years.
After that, as a plant operator, one must sell the generated electricity by oneself on the wholesale electtricity markets.

Our service for wind farm operators: direct marketing

The EWE Group offers tailor-made solutions for this demanding task. As one of the largest direct marketers of renewable energies in Germany, EWE TRADING GmbH supports wind and solar park operators in the marketing of their electricity on the wholesale market. The range of services for customers and partners includes portfolio and balance sheet management as well as communication with the network operator and precise performance forecasts for wind and sun. And the market price risks? They’re taken over by our professional traders within the group so that you always benefit from fixed financial compensation.

Your advantage: the trade in electricity with proven EWE quality is already included in the scope of the operational management services of EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN.

Want to know more? You can reach our EWE electricity exchange professionals here:

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