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Operational wind energy management: Things are running smoothly

How do you get the most out of wind energy when the wind blows differently every day? Our tip: talk to the professionals at EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN. Our three decades of experience and in-depth technical management ensure a maximum of profitability.

Wind farm management: Looking for optimal solutions? Look no more

Our professional asset management is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a strong partner who can manage your wind farm with the utmost in professionalism and cost-effectiveness.

  • We combine technological expertise and management excellence with a wide range of market and industry knowledge.
  • Service meets know-how: All important processes for wind energy are taken care of by our professional sales management team.

To be economical, a wind turbine has to run without any interference or downtime. Our dedicated technical management ensures smooth operation with a focus on safety, efficiency, and the meeting of all legal requirements. And naturally, they’re available 24/7. Find more information about our offers, plus an overview of our services in asset management here:

Flyer Asset-Management

More wind power ahead: Service for every phase

Our solutions are not only suitable for new wind farms. If you want to optimize your existing wind farm management with new turbines or continue operations according to EEG regulations, we’re there with an extensive consumer portfolio, as well as individual models. Our team of professionals is looking forward to finding your perfect solution.

Aside from successful operations, we also offer a comprehensive wind farm value chain. Are you planning a new project? Our project development team is looking forward to assisting you with everything you need from security, approval, and turnkey construction.

Need additional services like direct marketing and individual marketing solutions for green electricity? Just contact us!


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