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Wind farms with growth potential

We’re convinced that wind energy is a major contributor to a new energy era. Moreover, we think that wind farms of varying sizes and age classes can contribute to this trend. Younger wind farms strengthen our portfolio in sustainable energy generation and add to further growth. Older “pioneer” plants, which have been in operation for a long time, also benefit from our sustainable operating concepts. For us, older wind engines can still add to the new energy era. Often, they are optimally suited for a repowering.

Have a look at some examples of our successful transactions over the last few months:

Lower Saxony: 12 megawatts as a partner project

We acquired the Hohegaste wind farm – freshly repowered and with a 12-megawatt capacity. Together with ENOVA IPP from Bunderhee. A special feature: together with our partner, we share the technical and commercial aspects in operation.

Brandenburg: Ten new plants taken over

EWE ERNEUERBARE acquired the turnkey wind farms “Bärenfang” and “Buchhain 8 & 11”. The asset management of EWE EE ensures optimal plant management. The technical operation aspects remain with the seller getproject.

Schleswig-Holstein: An old wind farm with new potential

Together with our subsidiary Gewi Husum, we bought a portfolio in Büttel, complete with nine old wind turbines from different manufacturers and age groups. The oldest ones are slated for dismantling. This way, we tap into the tremendous repowering potential for new locations in accordance with state laws. The younger plants will continue to operate and will later be repowered at the site.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 8 megawatts on the coast of the Baltic Sea

We’ve taken over the wind farm “Stretense-Panschow” from the Swiss company InvestInvent. The park consists of four wind turbines with an output of two megawatts each. The facilities near the island of Usedom have been on the grid since 2009.


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