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New energy era: Key benefits for regions

Renewable energy quite literally generates a lot of opportunities. On the one hand, power won from the sun, wind, or biomass helps replace fossil fuels. At the same time, the transition to renewable energy is increasingly shifting the generation of electricity and heat from large-scale power plants in major urban areas to decentralised plants. Energy from wind farms, solar and biogas plants is generated all over Germany and into its distribution networks.

The transition to new energy sources is taking place on a regional level, which in turn brings interesting opportunities for citizens and municipalities. Wind power from regional areas offers a welcome added value for municipalities and their citizens. This can be seen in the business tax revenues, which can account for up to 70 % of the local community. In order that municipalities benefit from the full business tax, ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN establishes its local operating company and awards contracts preferentially to local businesses. Landowners as well benefit from the extra income, which additionally boosts purchasing power.

Value creation and its many facets

We have a lot of convincing arguments for wind energy from regional wind farms. Thanks to a wide array of flexible concepts, EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN makes it possible for those living near wind farms to participate financially in some projects. We think an open, honest dialog is essential, which is why we talk to local municipalities, citizens and organizations, even in the planning phase. For us, a continual exchange of information ensures transparency and community acceptance. And when it comes to this, we listen carefully and always have a good answer.


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