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Energy is our future

Electricity from renewable sources is just one of many building blocks with which EWE is shaping a new, sustainable energy era. Energy experts from Oldenburg realized early on that the demand for electrical energy will only increase. That’s why EWE develops innovative solutions, from flexible and intelligent energy infrastructures and energy storage to alternative mobility concepts. At EWE, we are proud of our almost 90-year history of successful energy solutions and think that tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

After all, it’s exciting to combine forward-thinking technology with the unlimited possibilities of the digital world to create something entirely new. Today, EWE is developing intelligent networks and storage projects to reach an optimal balance between the wind power supply and the ever-increasing demand. One such example is the use of renewable energy in further sectors like electricity, heating and cooling supply, as well as transport and industry.

Get a quick look here at some of the success stories we at EWE have made possible.

Fit for the mobile future

Today, electromobility is everywhere. To make e-cars more attractive to a large target group in the future, it’s good to have easily accessible charging stations. EWE Go is the market leader in Northwest Germany. The EWE subsidiary operates more than 900 charging stations with a power generation of up to 150 kilowatts. The mobility experts also offer tailor-made solutions for business customers and fleets. With energy from EWE, you’re always going green, even when the light is red. Naturally, with 100 % sustainable energy.

Green energy with all the right connections

One big question is: what is intelligent technology’s role in making energy systems even more sustainable and efficient? We demonstrate this in a model region within the framework of a transition to sustainable energy. More than 70 other partners participate in the project. In Northwest Germany, we are testing the digital networking of generation and consumption capacities. This is based on the technical and digital interaction of the network, market, and gathered data. The goal is to create an intelligent energy system that optimally balances electricity supply and demand. An accompanying app helps people in the test region to reduce their personal energy consumption.

Batteries – big & green

Electricity from wind energy is a great thing: it’s clean, efficient and helps usher in a new energy era. The only challenge is its storage. That’s a different story. To deal with this, EWE, together with its Japanese partners, has built a hybrid storage facility in Varel, Lower Saxony, which can store up to 22.5 megawatt hours. That’s enough electricity to power a city of around 25,000 inhabitants – for about five hours. These over-dimensional batteries should be able to store electricity from renewable sources and thus compensate for any fluctuations in the electricity grid.

Hello hydrogen: a motor for the future

Hydrogen produced from wind or solar power also has great potential for a lower-emission future. It’s easy to store, and thanks to its high energy density, it has various uses such as in industry and transport. EWE has launched the “Hyways for Future” project in association with around 90 partners from industry and politics. The goal: to promote the production and use of renewable hydrogen in the northwest.

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