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Wind Growth: 28 Megawatt for EWE

EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN is adding 28 megawatts to its wind power portfolio. The company is acquiring four wind farms in Germany from a fund of the Swiss company InvestInvent. All of the acquired plants went into operation in 2009. Specifically, these are wind farms in Steinau (Hesse, 8 MW), in Bad Berleburg (North Rhine-Westphalia, 4 MW) and in Petersdorf (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, 8 MW). The transaction also includes the Stretense wind farm (8 MW) in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN had already acquired from InvestInvent in spring 2020.


“With the wind farms we have now acquired, we are expanding our onshore wind energy portfolio to 390 MW of capacity,” explains Georg Boie, Managing Director of EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN. EWE also intends to grow further in the wind power sector through the planned joint venture with the Aloys Wobben Foundation. The joint venture is to take over and continue the existing wind farms and projects of EWE and ENERCON.

Hendrik Stalljann, technical director at EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN, adds on the current transaction: “With the comparatively young portfolio and the proven turbine type, these wind farms can make a solid contribution to the energy transition for several years. In the long term, we also see good potential for repowering there.”


Photo: Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Köhlen wind farm now only flashes when required

Oldenburg, Cuxhaven, Köhlen, Germany, 9 October 2020 – Red flashing lights on wind turbines that are visible at night from afar will be history by mid-2021. EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN and Cuxhavener PNE AG equipped their joint wind farm in Köhlen (Lower Saxony) with this new system well before they were obliged to do so by law.

With needs-based night identification, the red signal lights on the wind turbines only light up when an aircraft approaches. An active radar system was set up for the 16 turbines in Köhlen. The technical basis for this is a radar mast in Wollingst, eight kilometres away. The active radar detects when an aircraft is approaching the wind farm. A signal is then transmitted via the VPN telecommunications network to a central computer in the wind farm transformer station. This computer sends a signal to the turbines so that the red lights flash until the flying object has left the radar range again.

Starting from July 2021, this night lighting is required by law for all wind farms. Exception is made for facilities that are under 100 metres in height. EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN and PNE are increasing acceptance of wind energy in the surrounding communities with their early installation. In the next few months, EWE will convert around 130 wind farms; all new farms will have the technology installed during their construction.

Caption: Red warning lights in wind farms will only light up if an aircraft is approaching the facility. Image: EWE

Wind farm Uetze-Süd goes into Operation

Oldenburg, Uetze (Germany), 11 September 2020 –  After eight months of construction, the Uetze-Süd wind farm in the Hanover region has gone into operation as planned. Nine megawatts of wind power capacity have now been added to EWE’s renewables portfolio, which has therefore increased to a total of 369 megawatts. The three Enercon E 115 turbines will supply energy for approximately 7,000 households from now on. The wind farm was built by EWE ERNEUERBARE regional GmbH – formerly TurboWind and Gewi, which have been operating as part of the EWE Group under this new name since June 2020 following their merger and subsequent rebranding.

Each wind farm has its own compensation measures in respect of the surrounding natural environment. For the Uetze-Süd project, five hectares of biodiverse pasture were established in addition to fallow land for skylarks and quails. Furthermore, nearly ten acres of feeding ground have been made available for red kites. This provides the birds of prey attractive hunting opportunities outside of the wind farm during the breeding season.

EWE ERNEUERBARE regional joins up with brand family

Oldenburg, Hanover, Husum, 11 June 2020 – Wind project developers Gewi in Husum and TurboWind in Hanover, subsidiaries in the EWE Group, will be merged. The aim is to simplify cooperation in the renewable onshore business segment. This will be done under the leadership of EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH. The teams at the Hanover and Husum sites will also be retained. The company is based in Hanover, with Levke Hansen as the managing director. With the new name EWE ERNEUERBARE regional, the company stresses its affiliation to the brand family.

The EWE renewable onshore business segment employs around 100 people. The currently running onshore wind power capacity is 360 megawatts. Georg Boie, Managing Director of EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN in Oldenburg, sees his business unit as ready and well equipped for continuous growth: “Our large wind portfolio, combined with the sector overarching support of our group strategy and lastly, our plans with the Aloys-Wobben Foundation for a joint company make EWE the one to watch in the energy future.”

Construction progress at the Uetze-Süd wind farm

Smooth operations in spite of COVID 19

Hannover, 23 April 2020 – The weather has been kind during the continued construction of the Uetze-Süd wind farm, where all is going according to plan. The EWE associate company TurboWind is building three new Enercon E 115 turbines in the Hanover region.

Construction manager Julian Voges is happy that progress is being made in spite of COVID-19 and the many challenges it poses. “”Safety has always played a crucial role in large construction sites. Due to this, our employees and partners quickly adapted to the new situation and protective measures against COVID-19 could be properly implanted” said the civil engineer.

The tower for the first plant has already been completed and the pre-assembled gondola is on the ground and will soon be placed on the tower. This is followed by the mounting the rotor blades. A second tower is also nearing completion and a third is also on its way.

The current wind measurements are also promising and slightly above the initial expectations. The three turbines in the 3-megawatt class will supply electricity to about 7,000 households. If everything goes according to plan, Uetze-Süd is scheduled to go into operation by midsummer 2020. Each wind farm includes individual measures made to balance out any ecological impacts. For the Uetze-Süd project, TurboWind created 5 hectares of extensive grasslands, as well as unused land for field larks and quails. Additionally, circa 10 hectares of hunting grounds were created for the red kite and offer the bird of prey an attractive area during the breeding season – away from the wind farm.

EWE and ENERCON come together for a joint venture

Aurich/Oldenburg, 22 April 2020 – To further advance the expansion of wind energy on land, the Aloys-Wobben Foundation, sole shareholder of the Aurich wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON, and the Oldenburg energy service provider EWE are planning a joint venture. Representatives from both companies have signed a letter of intent regarding the plan. The new company will manage the existing wind farms introduced by both partners, with currently around 2,500 megawatts and project pipelines of about 2,300 megawatts. Together, their goal is to generate further domestic and international growth while taking advantage of the resulting energy economic opportunities.

Details of the planned partnership can be found in the EWE Group press section at https://www.ewe.com/de/presse

Change of management at EWE ERNEUBARE ENERGIEN

Oldenburg, 2 January 2020 – EWE AG has appointed Georg Boie as the new Managing Director of EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH. The 38-year-old successor to Alwin Schlörmann has held the position since the beginning of January 2020. His expertise and experience in consulting and project management will be a great asset to the EWE Group.

Dr. Urban Keussen, Technical Director of EWE AG, adds: “With Georg Boie, we have gained a valuable and experienced expert for the renewable generation business at EWE. I’m convinced that Mr Boie will be a catalyst for more growth and strength within this sector. At the same time, I would like to thank Alwin Schlörmann, whose expertise and tireless commitment helped shape the success of EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN.”

Georg Boie is a highly experienced environmental manager and business economist. Most recently, he was managing director of juwi Operations & Maintenance GmbH in Wörrstadt. When it comes to his future work in Oldenburg, he says: “EWE is an important player in the renewable energy market. Its local roots, large wind power portfolio and comprehensive strategy including heat and mobility reflect this. I look forward to helping push these future sectors forward for the benefit of the company and environment.”

As a member of the management board of EWE RENEWABLE ENERGIEN GmbH, Georg Boie will be responsible for managing the business unit, together with Prof. Dr. Jörg Buddenberg, who has been Unit Manager since 2004.

EWE at the Husum Wind 2019

Focuss on project development, operations and the energy market

Oldenburg, 6 September 2019 – From 10 to 13 September 2019, the wind power industry will be exchanging ideas at HUSUM Wind. As a place to meet up, showcase projects and exchange ideas, the HUSUM Wind is an important event to discuss and learn about exciting developments, current challenges and innovative solutions. EWE will also take part at the international trade fair in Northern Germany. After all, they have three decades of experience in turning breezes into benefits.

EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN offers extensive know-how in the planning, development and operation of onshore wind farms. It additionally provides fresh new perspectives for successful partnerships. Further services like individual concepts for repowering or plans for continuing to operate older wind turbines complete the portfolio.

Under the motto WIND. TEAM. POWER. – EWE is set for even more growth with a new and fully stocked unit. In 2019, the swb CREA was merged into EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN. Also, on board: The colleagues from Gewi from Husum and the Hanoverians from TurboWind. The experts from EWE TRADING will offer a wide range of services in the field of energy marketing at the HUSUM Wind, while providing information on individual customer solutions in direct marketing. The EWE teams can be seen in Hall 2, Booth 2C09, and are looking forward to an exciting exchange of ideas.

New additions to EWE-Windkraftportfolio

Growth is boosted by plants in Brandenburg and Lower Saxony

Photo: Florian Burmeister

Oldenburg, 26. July 2019 – EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH (short: EWE EE) from Oldenburg has recently bought two turnkey wind farms. As a result, EWE EE has now expanded its portfolio in the field of onshore wind power by 20 megawatts (MW) to a total of around 360 MW.

The Bärfang and Buchhain 8 and 11 wind farms are located in the Elbe-Elster district in Brandenburg and have been connected to the grid since 2018. Kiel-based getproject GmbH & Co. KG sold ten Siemens Gamesa G114 wind turbines to EWE EE. The purchase price was not disclosed. Prof. Dr. Jörg Buddenberg, Managing Director of EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN, emphasizes: “Taking over the finished wind farms from getproject is an opportunity for us to expand and continue with our healthy growth.”

EWE EE has taken over the commercial management of the plants, while the technical aspects will remain with getproject even after sale. Two additional turbines in Hude, Lower Saxony, have been part of the EWE wind power portfolio since mid-July 2019. The Enercon E 70 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2 megawatts (MW), were connected to the grid at the end of 2004.

EWE bundles renewable energies into one company

The merger of swb CREA to EWE RENEWABLE ENERGIEs is completed

Oldenburg, 1 July 2019 – The EWE Group has bundled its activities in the field of renewable generation to form EWE RENEWABLE ENERGIES GmbH. The renewable energy division of the Bremen-based swb Group is now also under this umbrella: swb CREA has been merged into the Oldenburg EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIES.

With the additional 16 experts from Bremen, the workforce has now grown to 61 colleagues. Together with the subsidiaries TurboWind in Hanover and Gewi in Husum, a total of around 100 employees are currently working in the business segment.

With the integration of swb CREA into EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH, EWE is planning to solidify its position in the highly competitive market. In addition to extensive know-how in wind farm development and plant operation, the teams in Bremen also bring an impressive product portfolio. “At the same time, our strengthened teams still hold onto their trusted contacts within the community and with business partners,” says Prof. Dr. Jörg Buddenberg, Managing Director of EWE RENEWABLE ENERGIES GmbH.

Attractive offers for older wind farms

Oldenburg, 18.04.2019 – a fresh breeze for a new energy era, because now, EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN not only builds new wind farms but also gives older plants a new, modern makeover with clever operating concepts. This way, they can continue to contribute to a climate-neutral energy supply. Via their website, the experts in Oldenburg are addressing operators of older plants. The reason for this is that EEG funding for many older wind turbines will expire in the near future. “This makes it difficult for smaller operators to economically operate their plants,” says EWE expert Tanja Weinmann. As a professional energy supplier with its own wind farms, an experienced asset management system and an energy trading company within the Group, EWE can offer the best conditions for continued, efficient operation.

“We are already successfully marketing this concept as a service,” says Tanja Weinmann. “By buying wind farms, we take away the risk usually shouldered by the owner. Interested parties can expect fair prices from EWE, which conducts all business on equal ground.”

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